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Home Care Services


Live-in Home Care


24/7 Home Care means you’re never alone. We assemble a team of caregivers to provide support around the clock in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re recovering from surgery or illness, are bedridden, or have become too physically frail or mentally disoriented to provide basic self care, we ensure that you are well cared for, comfortable, and safe. The house and laundry is kept clean. We prepare nutritious meals, monitor vital signs and medications, assist with mobility, and provide transportation to medical appointments.

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Joshua Cares Home Health, homemaker caregiving services provide the necessary care right at home to avoid the need to leave the home you've become so familiar with. Even if home is an apartment, Assisted living facility, we can provide our homecare services. Our goal is to help you receive adequate care in the place you call home. 

Homemaker caregiving consists of non-medical supportive services that ensure a safe and healthy environment including assistance with:

Personal hygiene - Assistance in getting dressed - Oral hygiene - Assistance in bathing/showering or sponge bath - Grooming hair and shaving (electric only) - Nourishment feeding according to physician or family meal plans. Cooking, house cleaning, laundry, and other light cleaning.

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Everyone needs time for self

Free yourself for some much needed personal time. Family caregivers can often reach the point of burnout because of the overwhelming demand in providing care for a loved one. Let Joshua Cares Home Health help via our private duty and personal Respite care. We work with you as needed. Whether its a few hours a day or a day or two a week. Longer terms of temporary relief are also available for times when vacation is needed or when work travel is required.

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End of life is one of the most difficult times for any family. By providing home care services  for individuals on hospice, our caretakers alleviate the stress and distraction of daily needs: personal care, meal preparation, housekeeping, and errands. We help to create a clean and comfortable place where families can focus on being together, and spending quality time with their loved one. It brings a little peace of mind, when important details are being taken care of by understanding and attentive professionals.

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Seniors experiencing brain disorders struggle with memory issues, unclear thinking, difficulty communicating, and poor self care. More advanced cases can display strong mood swings, personality shifts, aggressiveness, and paranoia. They may become disoriented, uncooperative, or resistant.  


Being able to stay in their own home is a particular benefit for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Familiar surroundings and routines help stabilize their condition and emotional well-being, where new environments can trigger just the opposite. This is when special training makes a difference. All of our caregivers have completed specific training from the Alzheimer’s Association, and are supervised by a registered nurse, allowing them to respond with understanding and reassurance. Our caregivers know how to work with seniors who are facing the challenges of these diseases, and possess the patience and professionalism needed to ensure they remain clean, safe, and comfortable in their own home.

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Veterans, veteran spouses, or surviving spouses who need financial help for in-home care may be eligible for assistance through the Aid & Attendance Program. Applying for for the Aid & Attendance Program is a two-step process. First, your primary care physician must complete VA Form 21-2680, then they must file it at the regional office for review.

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