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 Home Care


The natural effects of aging takes a gradual toll on vision, hearing, mobility, and mental acuity. Our ability to keep up with household chores, personal hygiene, and medications can become a challenge. Sometimes this change occurs suddenly, like after a stroke, or fall. Seniors are less able to fully recover from illness and injury—once we begin to need support, that need usually continues to grow.

Joshua Cares Home Health, homemaker caregiving services provide the necessary care right at home to avoid the need to leave the home you've become so familiar with. Even if home is an apartment, Assisted living facility, we can provide our homecare services. Our goal is to help you receive adequate care in the place you call home. 

Home Care is the best possible option, for a number of reasons:

Nobody wants to move into a nursing home. 


According to the AARP, nearly 90% of all seniors prefer to stay in their home, for as long as possible. It’s the place they know, love, and feel comfortable. The thought of moving to an unfamiliar place—undergoing a complete upheaval of their lifestyle—is not attractive. Even among seniors who require daily assistance, 85% prefer to remain in their house. Joshua Cares Home Health makes this possible. We come to you, help maintain your independent lifestyle, and make sure you are clean, safe, and comfortable in your own home.

Services are scalable, based on actual need.


Some people only need a little help, other needs a lot more. Needs can also vary from week to week, or month to month. We are completely flexible and responsive to your level of need. We require no contracts, and a minimum of 4 hours. If you need us to be there, we’ll be there.

Less burden on family and friends.


Family and friends are the first line of support for the elderly. As years pass, caregiving will naturally become more demanding. Our homecare staff alleviates the burden, reducing strain on personal relationships, and allowing the time spent with loved ones to be focused more on quality time than caregiving.

Undivided attention.


Our home care providers are there for you, and you only. Immediately responsive to your needs, diligent in the upkeep and cleanliness of your home, available to drive you to appointments and steady you as you walk, preparing meals that you want in the way you like them—you are our sole focus. For us, it’s always one on one care. 

Peace of mind.


Knowing that your loved one isn't alone, that they're taken care of, comfortable, and that their needs are attentively met, creates a great sense of relief. Supporting friends and family can relax, and focus when other things require their attention, without the nagging worry that their loved one is being neglected.

Professionals you can trust.


Our caregivers are screened, with full background checks, fingerprinted, trained and supervised by a licensed registered nurse. We selectively match every client with a caregiver, considering their individual needs, expectations and personal preferences. This provides the comfort and peace of mind you need, when you allow an initial stranger into your house. If there is ever a question or concern, our clients are able to call the owner Joshua directly, who will make sure your needs are being met.

Our home care services include:


   • Personal Care (Bathing, Grooming, Dressing, Toileting)
   • Light Housekeeping (Laundry, Floors, Dishes, Fresh Linens)
   • Meal Preparation
   • Shopping
   • Errands Outside The House
   • Transportation To & From Appointments 
   • Assistance With Mobility
   • Companionship
   • View Full List Of Services 

Ready to learn more?

Start by scheduling a free, in-home evaluation. We take all the time needed to answer your questions and help determine the amount of care required. Call (505) 207-9437 or click the contact button above to send your request.

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